The Draft plugin adds Tailwind CSS to WordPress.

“How It Should Be Done”

What you have done makes the whole enterprise of using the block editor “Safer” and in this context third party vendors should only be allowed to override existing blocks in core by plugging in their own UI and features.


!important Features

Utility Classes

Draft supports all the default Tailwind CSS utility classes.

Hover & Focus

Easily add styles, such as background & font colors, for ALL the states ( hover, focus, active, disabled, before, after dark, etc. ).


Add custom breakpoints ( sm, md, lg, xl, 2xl ) and responsive styles to all the core WordPress blocks plus any block that supports adding CSS classes.

Any Theme

While we do have a theme built specifically for Draft, Draft works flawlessly with any WordPress theme built for the block editor.

Block Patterns

Get unlimited access to our responsive, ready-to-use, block pattern library.

Purge CSS

Only the styles you use get loaded in production mode, so you know page loads are blazing fast.

Import & Export

Supercharge your development workflow by effortlessly Importing & Exporting your Tailwind configuration between sites.

Custom CSS

With a built in code editor you can easily Apply Tailwind CSS classes to any site element and add whatever custom CSS you need.

Google Fonts

Effortlessly creating beautiful Typography is easy with ALL the Google fonts baked into the Draft plugin.




  • Unlimited Site License
  • Unlimited FREE Block Patterns
  • Access 5 Utility Classes

Unlimited Sites



First 500 customers get $99/yr pricing FOREVER, then price doubles to $199/yr.

  • Unlimited Site License
  • Unlimited Block Patterns
  • Access All Utility Classes



  • Single Site License
  • Unlimited Block Patterns
  • Access All Utility Classes

14 Days Money Back Guarantee